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Big doggy no-no

So there is this girl at work I don't like very much. I'm good with interacting with her but we don't always see eye to eye on most everything work related. I have a work ethic, she doesn't. Anyway, she has two dogs. One she adopted over a year ago and a new dog, about 6 months ago. Now this new dog of hers has behavioral issues. It had been adopted twice before and given back. Now the issue is biting. According to her the dogs bites everyone and everything. She and her husband are worried about this dog getting loose and biting another person, or a child. I get that, that can be a big concern. Right now they have the dog in a muzzle most of the time to try and break the bad habit. Okay, I can see that. But then she mentions that if they can't break the habit, they'll have to put the dog down. That's when I had an issue. The dog has not bitten someone outside of their home, the dog is simply aggressive at this point to people visiting. But to say that if they can't simply break the habits they'll but him down is just wrong. I gave her options, better options than that. 1, give the dog back. The local shelter is a no kill. Tell the the issues and they can work on it or at least give the dog a place to live out the rest of it's days. According to her, that seems wrong since the dog has already been given back so many times, she feels she is this dog's last resort. 2, find a shelter that dedicates itself to animals that can't be adopted for whatever reason. There are places for these dogs. She didn't go for it. 3, get private training lessons. It's expensive, but if she truly feels she can't give up on this dog, but she can kill it, then classes should be okay. But no, she doesn't want to spend any more money on training. So to sum up her mind, the dog is out of control and the only fix is death. Not okay in my book. 

Knitting pattern!

Okay, so my last post was to clear out the poison of hearing bs all day and night, everywhere I turn, now something more fun. A knitting pattern! I started yesterday after noon and finished this afternoon. I am a beginner ish, learning new tricks and starting on some intermediate projects, this was one. Now the pattern called it a beret, but it's more like a slouchy beret. I had to fix the pattern a bit as the instructions were unclear but thanks to the lovely ladies at knittinghelp.com I was able to fix it. So here it is: 

-Cast On 54sts.
Row 1: *K1, p1, rep from *to end
Rep row 1 twice more
Row 4:(RS) *K1, kfb, rep from * to end. 81 sts.
Row 5: Purl.
Row 6: K4, *kfb, k7, rep from * to last 5 sts, kfb,k4. 91 sts.
Row 7 and foll 2 alt rows: Purl
Row 8: K5, *kfb, k8, rep from * to last 5 sts, kfb, k4. 101 sts
Row 10: K6, *kfb, k9, rep from * to last 5 sts, kfb, k4. 111 sts
Row 12: K7, *kfb, k10, rep from * to last 5 sts, kfb, k4. 121 sts
Row 13: Purl
Row 14: Knit
Row 15: Purl
Rep rows 14-15 twice more
Shape Crown
Row 20: K7, *k2tog, k10, rep from * to last 6 sts, k2tog. 111 sts
Row 21 and foll 8 alt rows: Purl
Row 22: K6, *k2tog, k9, rep from * to last 6 sts, k2tog, k4. 101 sts
Row 24: K5, *k2tog, k8, rep from * to last 6 sts, k2tog, k4. 91 sts
Row 26: K4, *k2 tog, k7, rep from * to last 6 sts, k2tog, k4. 81 sts
Row 28: K3, *k2tog, k6, rep from * to last 6 sts, k2tog, k4. 71 sts
Row 30: K2, *k2tog, k5 rep from *, to last 6 sts, k2tog, k4. 61 sts
Row 32: K1, *k2tog, k4, rep from *to last 6 sts, k2tog, k4. 51 sts
Row 34: *K2tog, k3, rep from * to last st, k1. 41 sts
Row 36: K2 k2tog, rep from * to last st, k1. 31 sts
Row 38: *K1, k2tog, rep from * to last st, k1. 21 sts
Row 39: *P2tog, rep from * to last st, p1. 11 sts
Break yarn, thread through rem 11 sts, pull up and tightly secure.
Sew seam neatly.

I will have some pictures up soon of it. It was a bit loose on my head, and I have a fairly big head, so I just sewed in an extra piece of yarn to cinched up the bottom a bit. Enjoy!


Big giant rant

Okay, so I have been quiet for a while, I have thought about writing something on these topics for a while and I finally needed to get it out rather than let it stew. I will warn now, it'll be a true rant on a few subjects, so at least you can be entertained at my flailings at stupid people. 

Political shit:

Okay, I am really trying to stay out of the talks around politics. It gets messy and usually leads to fights. In my house, I am the only one to identify anything close to democrat, so I tend to keep my mouth shut. Now I am not totally a dem, I have my issues with them, but its less than the republicans. I recently took a test, and found I actually lean the most towards the green party, go figure. Anyway, I have been trying to keep my ideas to myself and and more importantly, my opinions. But here is a few things people need to realize. Now I don't support Obama completely, like I said, I have my issues, but people need to STOP blaming him for everything bad that has happened since he took office. He is the figure head of only 1 branch of the government. There are 3 people. If you look at the track record of congress you will see the damn republicans like to stall. Almost everything Obama has tried to push through to help people, or new laws to tweak the economy has either been shut down completely or stalled until it died. He can't just enact anything without the support of both the senate and congress or at least one of them, but because people play games and have their own agendas, we see little to no change for the country, unless it's for their own pay raises, they vote that shit through in a day. Obama did not cause the financial crisis. Clinton actually did, Bush dealt with the beginning and first brutal effects, and now Obama is trying his best to pick up the pieces. Romney scares the shit out of me. His plans for women's health, gay rights, and the economy. Just scary! The people paying his bills? Are also the same people wanting to boost their own fortune regardless of the economical impacts. Now I know that no man can create the successful, high employment business without money, but these cats are just in it for the dough, not jobs. 

Gay rights

This is all over everywhere. People are just being stupid all over! Okay here we go. Marriage is a government civil ceremony in the US. You recieve tax breaks, and extra rights through the government when you marry. If marriage is supposedly only a religious ceremony then drive through wedding should be out lawed, divorce, outlawed, getting hitched at the courthouse, outlawed, aethists, no marriage for you, you don't believe in god, so no marriage for you. So, if we aren't going with that excuse for no gay marriage here's some more (yes I have researched this for potential discussion with my very religious mother). It goes against the biblical definition of marriage. Okay, 1 separation of church and state, your bible and religion is not that of everyone, so why must I follow your dogma? 2. There is no real "definition" of a marriage in the bible. There is of man with many wives, man with wife and many slaves, and man with rape victim in the old testament, and new, Jesus said don't marry unless you can't control yourself, then marry to help keep it in your pants. Jesus never spoke of gays in any form, just you know the whole "love thy neighbor as thy self". Get your facts straight people before spouting scripture. The whole letiviticus bs, well you need to read that whole section dimwits cause you break everyother rule in there, like no shell fish, not poly cotton blends, no tattoos, and so forth. I can do this all day with every excuse I have heard, each one more ridiculous than the last, so people, think before you start saying shit you haven't idea about.

Thats all for now, I know I'll have more for later until then. Watch what you read and say. Make sure there is logic behind every word, because it will effect someone you know....

A big fat me post

Things have been super crazy lately. And for once it's mixed. Not good, not bad, just... Both I guess. Every time I finally feel like I am getting my life under control and on a good track, something happens and I am offset again, for weeks usually. 

A new job has become a must. I have aired my grievances with my direct boss and "talked" it over with him. What happened is I had a really, really bad nit and I wrote this letter to him, pretty much bitching him out for how he has been acting as of late and also how I have been treated in general at our store. He sat me down and started off by saying that he's this cool guy cause if I hadgiventhat letter to anyone else it would be received as positively. Which I took as "you toed a line of disrespect and I dont appreciate it". In the end he really didn't own up to anything I complained about, he kind of spread the blame around and only really owned up to one problem which really was a small one in the scheme of things. Some things were explained to me so that I do understand, okay, not his fault, but he needs to stand up to those people. Here is why: when we do well, he receives the praise. When we keep our customer service scores green, our food safety scores green, he receives the pat on the back for helping our team. The reality is we do the work, we stay on top of the issues and we fix them, he spends maybe 2 hours a week with us, so he really doesn't do all that much. Because we stay green, meet out quotas (and exceed them) we get more hours. Other departments who do not do all these things loose hours. And rather taking it out on him ( since he is doing all this work) they take it out on us because they seem to think we don't deserve them. So that was at least explained. 

My main issue with was was that I was not made a trainer. I have been at this store for 5 years. I understood while I was in college why I was not made one, my hours were wonky and I wasn't around as much. But after I graduated I still was not approached about it. He made some really shitty people trainers. To me trainers are people who embody the ideal employee, with great habits and work ethics that you want passed on to others. Our trainers are lazy and have some pretty terrible habits that I don't want have to deal with beyond them. I have seen this happen with newbies talking shit to me cause their trainers do. Bad work ethics and spotty detail orientation give me pause, yet they are trainers. His explanation was that I hadn't asked which I think is the worst excuse since NO ONE ELSE had to ask, but I have to. I call bullshit on that. 

He told me I would not suffer consequences for my little letter, and yet my hours were cut down in half. I think I am being punished.

I had another crap day dealing with pissy customers and a coworker who did not want to work behind the counter, so he found excuses to not, meaning out of our 6 hours together, we worked maybe 2 side by side. I wasn't very happy, and I took it out on him when I could. Which I guess I need to apologize to him for, cause I don't want to deal with that drama. 

Becuase of my seriously cut hours my finances have gone back into ruin. I can't keep living like this, wondering if I can handle bills or not, scourging for every penny and becoming a hermit to save every cent I can. I was doing well for a while but then the hours were cut and I had to deal with shit from Sallie Mae taking over some other government loans and kind of making things very difficult for a while (5 phones calls to deal with it in a month is kind of extreme) and now they are all squared away and I am still lacking money. I am considering calling in for a deferment on one for another month because I just don't have the funds at the moment, whichmy mom said she would kill me if she found out I did again. It was okay while I was figuring everything out cause they were missing payments I made to the old company that hadn't transferred yet, but now I am just freaking out and I don't want to ask for help. I am a fucking adult now, I should have this shit under control now. (this is what my mind is telling me, which makes it harder to ask for help) 

On the plus side, I got to see my Kyle and my Beth (friends from college who moved away) again so it brightened my day. Beth understands my plight as she works for the same company, just different state. So complaining to her feels good cause we understand each other and the management we deal with. 

I have been applying to school districts everywhere I can and I was invited back to my student teaching district to continue to substitute. So that was nice to say the least. 

Bought the new Adam Lambert cd Trespassing and Kris Allen's Thank you Camilia which are both amazing and epic. I would never had heard them, since I refuse to watch American Idol (which they were on) if not for an old friend. Which leads into...

I'm working on some Kradam fan fiction to get some creative juices out. (If youdont know go find spikedluv and she has some great stuff under the tag ai8:Adam/Kris (I think). It all her fault I am in as deep as I am. I have never written and posted one so I may be l looking for a beta soonish. I tend to run out of steam but I have had a story bouncing around my head for months and I don't know how it'll end as I have the beginning firmly in place it's always just the ending that kills me. 

I don't generally post personal private stuff to Facebook cause I have a ton of family following me and some stuff is just for support of my friends. I am more on twitter now. Follow me if you want: KTofK4

I got the iPad 2 after I dropped my beloved toshiba thrive and cracked the screen. I had the best buy warranty thingy and was supposed to get it repaired/replaced but they no longer carry my thrive so I got to choose a new one in the same price area, so I got the iPad. I genuinely miss my thrive and I am not sure how I feel about the iPad but I'm kind of stuck now after I shelled out the money for anger screen protector and case. 

So in general I am okay. I feel like I am on a hamster wheel. No matter how hard I run or try I end up in the same place, emotionally, physically and so on. Hopefully a new job will help me step off that wheel but until then, I will keep going and hope a move a bit. 



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